Autumn Golf

A group of five of us headed out on a chilly Saturday morning in late October to tackle a 9 hole course in Gananoque. The weather turned out great and we got a full 18 in. The team of Travis and myself lost the day on the 17th when we went 2 down. The losers had to cook dinner. I somehow managed to get out of having to help with that! Haha. I did end up having to fetch a few beers that night as Travis and I also managed to lose a putting competition on the 18th green.

From the description of the day it probably sounds like I should have had a terrible time, but it was lots of fun!


3 Responses to Autumn Golf

  1. Grant says:

    The difference….cluch putting.

    Drive for show…put for $dough.

    Driving for show is pretty fun though (so I’ve heard)

  2. Ryan says:

    Good times! Good Friends! Not so good golf on my part … thanks Grant and Mur for getting me out of cooking/serving up beers!

    • Ryan says:

      Winter golf?

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