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Happy Holidays!

Finished my Christmas shopping today!

Light Drizzle

A walk around Centretown around 11. Kind of cool out compared to the hot sunny days we’ve had all summer. A nice change in a way but definitely am not wanting summer to end!  

Stormy Skies

Got out for a bike ride earlier on in the day and was lucky to not end up in the middle of a thunder storm. Later on I headed out to return some movies and get some groceries and the sky over Gatineau looked pretty ominous. I got home […]

At the Beach

Headed out to Westborough beach today with Matt B, Frizno and Aleesha. We all biked out and luckily the beach was open. The weather was great. 26 with not too much humidity. Perfect for me!

Karen McKerracher

This site is for my sister who is a Certified Landscape Designer. It’s a work in progress!

Cairn Cunnane

Pingwing’s Bookshelf

Fun With Blocks

On a trip to visit the parents a few years ago my fiancĂ©e and I built this “fort”

Autumn Golf

A nice day of Autumn golf!

Georgette Photography